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SMB Strategic Workforce Training leads customized coaching and learning experiences for national/international conferences; corporate workshops/retreats and master classes for a wide swath of industries.

We support organizations in fulfilling their mission and vision by providing strategic communication services and essential skills training distinctively tailored for client needs to drive substantial improvements in workforce performance

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As your workforce interacts more with artificial intelligence, the demand for soft skills is beginning to surge. As today’s skill needs shift, it is essential that organizations enhance and expand development initiatives for business longevity. We've got you covered! 

Corporate and Municipal On-Site and Virtual Training Provider

Organizations like yours must keep pace with broad initiatives to develop  employees’ soft skills for continuous growth.  

We offer customized facilitated workshops and programs to develop new and innovative solutions for your business challenges and strategic plans. The goal of your training solution can be the development of a new process, product and/or service; it’s your choice. 

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Shakira M. Brown is national leadership communication strategist

Shakira M. Brown, Chief Training Officer and Award-Winning National Leadership Communication Strategist

Shakira is our lead trainer and heads up program development.  Known for always telling herself YES, Shakira never hesitates to use her

communication skills to achieve her goals and now helps business leaders across industries "Speak with Intent to Confidently Communicate What They Want and Need!" inspiring thousands of industry professionals annually.

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Top Corporate Business On-Site and Virtual Training Workforce Development pSMB Strategic M

On-Site and Virtual Training 

Your workshop will be customized to match your needs so that your team has the opportunity to attain the outcomes desired . In-person classroom or virtual available.

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