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In a world where employee retention is crucial, finding the right keynote speakers and workshop facilitators can be a game-changer for your organization or signature event. Our experts not only understand today's workforce struggles, but also provide practical strategies to keep your employees happy, motivated, and productive. Imagine engaging sessions that inspire and equip your team with the tools they need to thrive. Elevate your workplace culture and drive success with our dynamic speakers and facilitators. Your workforce deserves nothing but the best - let's inspire them together!
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Keynote experiences 

FACT: Your Team is More Likely to Listen to Us

It's a known fact that when a person is told something by someone other than a close authority figure more often than not they will listen. By booking our thought leaders for your next event or corporate retreat/training, you're creating the opportunity for your stakeholders to desire to make personal improvements when inspired to taking action. 


Get Out of Your Way:    Tell Yourself Yes, Now!

​To achieve goals we must visualize our future without hesitation and give ourselves permission ahead of anyone else to succeed. Saying yes to yourself is an essential part of the journey. Learn to avoid telling yourself NO by embracing a "Yes Success Mindset." 

In this mindset shifting keynote presentation, Former Network Television Journalist, Award-Winning Leadership Communication Strategist and, Professional Speaker, Shakira M. Brown, will share her methods of breaking through to do what many believe is impossible in a single career.

Leadership Development 

Integrity Forward: Inspiring Loyalty and Building Trust

According to Harvard Business Publishing 2023 Leadership Development Report, leaders surveyed believe today's leaders must be willing to take ownership of everything they share with stakeholders and to do authentically to improve engagement and productivity. In essence, they are expected to be human. Discover how maintaining a stronger rapport with your workforce, partners and clients/customers by leading authentically and confidently communicating your vision with charisma can transform profits, performance and team culture for greater retention and opportunities.

Emotional Intelligence 

Managing Mindfully: The Net 365 Challenge

Everyday professionals across the industry are using one form of mindfulness or another at work/at home, but don't understand how to best use it help them have more meaningful conversations and connections in the workplace. 

Recognize how to hone your ability to use emotional intelligence to connect and manage the emotions of yourself and others, while modeling the behaviors you want to encourage. Plus, learn to approach difficult conversations more mindfully. 

Future of Work  

Boomers, Gen Y, Z Oh My!  Inspiring Five Generations in a Constant Culture of Change

As baby boomers and Gen X professionals age and remain employed, Millennial, Gen Y, Z leaders with very unique perspectives and management styles must find a happy balance between today's way and past ways to meet the needs of their diverse teams. This presentation is designed to prepare emerging leaders to be cognizant of these workplace generational differences and to improve their interactions across generations without giving up their own personal communication styles.

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